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Billion Oyster People


Executive Director
As written by: Maddy
How do you like your oysters?
“Straight out of the water, as they are”

Having grown up on an oyster farm on Fishers Island, compassion for the environment is second nature to Pete. For most New Yorkers, early morning Harbor boat rides would be the ultimate work perk, but Pete’s favorite thing about BOP is watching students become experts in their field. This makes good sense considering he got his start at the New York Harbor School, BOP’s flagship school, teaching the Aquaculture Career Technical Education Program.

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Education Outreach Coordinator
Written by: Juan Pareja
How do you like your oysters?
“With a pearl inside!”

Agata is a New York City transplant from Long Island. After an internship in Sri Lanka, where she worked with a water resource management NGO in the national rainforest, Agata chose to study Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management as her major at the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies. Agata began her work at Billion Oyster Project as a summer fellow. Now she works with the education team as the Education Outreach Coordinator. In her non-oyster hours, Agata has a pottery studio with her mother where she teaches ceramics classes and sells her pots.

Contact Agata for information about Billion Oyster Project educational adventures on Governors Island or to install an Oyster Research Station for your school or community.
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Director of Education
Written By: Robina

As a founding teacher of New York Harbor School, Ann brings her knowledge of field science and love of teaching to the Billion Oyster Project. When she's not in the classroom or at the water's edge educating others, you will find her enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her son, Theo. Ann is a pathfinder currently working to expand harbor literacy through the development of new Harbor Schools focused on the marine environment and careers.
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Curriculum and Teaching Specialist
A high school science teacher by trade, Annie is inspired by the work of BOP teachers throughout the city, who bring their students to New York Harbor, and bring the harbor into their classrooms.

Contact Annie about teaching, curriculum, professional development, and that thing that makes you or your students so curious about New York Harbor. Annie’s mission is to support teachers, teaching, and inquiry
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Shell Collection Program Manager
Written by Agata Poniatowski
How do you like your oysters?
“Locally sourced with a squeeze of lemon"

Charlotte is passionate about creating a more sustainable and equitable food system, and happy to work at an organization that reuses restaurant waste in NYC to help restore our local bodies of waters. She grew up in Putnam County, New York, where she fell in love with the outdoors and the beautiful Hudson Valley! If Charlotte had a superpower she would choose teleportation, so she could travel to her favorite place — Portland, Maine — every weekend!

Contact Charlotte for all things related to Billion Oyster Project's shell collection program.
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Senior Project Manager
Written By: Katie
How do you like your oysters?

Danielle comes to New York Harbor from the local waters of South Shore Long Island and the Bronx River. Her passion for NY Harbor and her fellow New Yorkers runs deep, as does her respect for all living creatures — shucking oysters may be this vegan’s least favorite work-related activity. When Danielle is not working to get oysters in the water, you can find her exploring the local environment and soaking up NYC’s diverse culture.

Contact Danielle for information about the Living Breakwater project in Staten Island and other developing State-funded projects
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Communications Manager
Written by: Tatiana
How do you like your oysters?
“Chilled with lemon and mignonette”

Helene was born in Maine where she spent summers exploring the coastline and wildlife. This is where her passion for sustainability began to take shape. She graduated from Indiana University where she ran track and studied journalism. Helene enjoys storytelling, being on boats, and volunteering in her community garden in Brooklyn. When she’s not taking in the views on Governors Island, Helene is focused on creating opportunities for BOP to standout on social media and showcasing our website! Fun Fact: Helene was awarded a grant to spend eight weeks traveling through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland learning about their practices on sustainability.

Contact Helene for press opportunities, social media suggestions, or website questions.
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Fabrication Technician
Written by Ryan Morrison
How do you like your oysters?
“In the reef!"

Johnny is a Harbor School graduate, and his passion for helping natural and human ecosystems led him back to Billion Oyster Project. Our oyster reef restoration wouldn’t be possible without Johnny, as he leads volunteers in helping to construct oyster reef structures that end up in the water across NY Harbor. In his free time, Johnny enjoys fixing and riding bikes. He is a native New Yorker and grew up in Brownsville, NY.
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Mechanical Engineer
Written By: Clarke
How do you like your oysters?
“Raw with a little lemon juice”

Meet JonPaul Turner, co-teacher with the Ocean Engineering program at NY Harbor School & BOP. JonPaul has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson. Having a father in the Navy, he hails from many different places. When he isn’t imparting his knowledge to students at Harbor School, he can be found behind the wheel of race cars, virtual and real.
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Volunteer Coordinator
Written By: Moreno
How do you like your oysters?
“Wild and filtering water”

Kathryn is native New Yorker who is passionate about positively impacting urban sustainability and contributing to mission driven community building. She expands and strengthens the BOP network through her tireless work as Volunteer Coordinator. Kathryn has extensive experience in non-profit volunteer management, community outreach and education programming. In her spare time, you can find Kathryn biking to a far off harbor shore or with her hands in a mound of clay, making pottery.

Contact Kathryn for more information about BOP volunteer opportunities.
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Director of Restoration
Written By: Danielle
How do you like your oysters?

Katie, who was born in upstate New York and grew up in Rutland, VT, found her true passion here in NYC — restoring oysters in NY Harbor. She is incredibly determined to get oysters in the water but she doesn’t stop there, she also strategically thinks about how to maximize BOP’s collaborative efforts to realize our long-term goals for restoring oysters to New York waters. Katie prefers working outdoors and when she is not working enjoys spending time with her two teenage kids.

Contact Katie for more information about BOP oyster research and restoration projects throughout NY Harbor.
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Director of Development
Written by: Jennifer Ballesteros
How do you like your oysters?
"Icy cold with a shot of Russian sea water"

Laurie grew up on the Jersey shore, where her love for the water and respect for animal and plant life took root. After graduating from Syracuse University, she lived in the Big Apple for 10 years, getting her start in advertising and then joining the nonprofit sector. Laurie raises money in support of hardworking bivalves and students, while she and her husband raise three kids on the Jersey coast.

Contact Laurie if you’d like to make a financial contribution to restoring life to New York Harbor and breaking the STEM barrier for tri-state students.
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Restoration Ecologist
Written by: Montana
How do you like your oysters?
"Fast-growing and restored in the Harbor"

Even as a kid growing up on Long Island, Liz always knew she wanted to be a scientist. Her passion and drive saw that dream realized when she received her PhD from Boston University in the summer of 2017, where she studied coral recovery and resiliency. Liz has had the opportunity to study marine ecosystems in some beautiful locations, including the Turks and Caicos and Belize. But now, she is back in New York inspiring Harbor School students to follow in her footsteps as a mentor for the Marine Biology Research Program and BOP Restoration Ecologist.

Contact Liz for information about research, science, and monitoring at the BOP and the Marine Biology Research Program at Harbor School.
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Deputy Director
Written by: Pete
How do you like your oysters?
"Directly from the farmer"

A native New Yorker, Maddy Wachtel came to BOP as an avid cork collector interested in teaming up with our Shell Collection Program and passionate about the need to save corks from the Landfill for upcycling. As one of our Shell Collection Program Managers she has turned this passion into a thriving Shell Collection Program currently collecting five tons of shell per week from sixty restaurant partners. In addition to the Shell Collection Program Maddy now oversees all strategic partnerships for Billion Oyster Project. Maddy is motivated by working through the daily complex challenges that come with convincing corporations and restaurant partners to join our effort to restore New York Harbor. In her free time, Maddy enjoys cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Contact Maddy for information about the Shell Collection Program and The Billion Oyster Party.
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Written By: Heather
How do you like your oysters?
"Raw with lemon and mignonette"

Mari-len grew up in both the Philippines and San Francisco. She’s a world traveler, history lover, lucid dreamer, and overall adventurer who loves exploring both local and international spots, from photographing NYC landscapes to visiting the filming location for Cersei’s “shame” walk from Game of Thrones in Croatia. Her favorite thing about BOP are all the people who are so passionate about what they do!

Contact Mari-len for anything BOP finance related especially accounts payable.
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Institutional Funding Officer
Written by: Alberto
How do you like your oysters?

Matthew grew up sailing on Long Island Sound and practiced law for 15 years before joining BOP in 2010. He currently serves as Institutional Funding Officer. Matthew is inspired by the chance to provide young people in New York City with opportunities to explore the waters that surround them and to consider career pathways in marine STEM fields.

Contact Matthew for information on corporate donations, foundation grants and government contracts
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Waterfront Operations Manager
Written By: Murray Fisher
How do you like your oysters?
“As friends”

After a two decade long career in publishing, Mike has found his way back to his original passion: driving boats in NY Harbor. Only this time is better than ever because in addition to his responsibility managing the Foundation Maritime assets, Mike gets to spend nearly every single day as a coach, teacher and guide to Harbor School students.

Contact Mike “if you want to know more about our boats or for proofreading help”
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Donor Relations Manager
Written by: Liz
How do you like your oysters?
"Raw on the half shell with mignonette"

Growing up on the Florida coast, Montana always had a passion for marine life. As a masters student at the College of Charleston, Montana began her career by teaching environmental geology to undergraduates and creating professional development curriculum to teach middle school teaches about marine debris. Today, at BOP, Montana has translated these passions and skills into her role as a member of the development team!

Contact Montana for information on donations, in-kind gifts, tax receipts, or if you are interested in supporting BOP!
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Educations Grants Project Manager
Written by: Kathryn
How do you like your oysters?
Showing off for the calipers!

Moreno moved to the U.S. at a young age and immediately began adapting to his New England environment, learning about quahogs, coffee milk, and the soothing qualities of a north Atlantic shoreline. He is a long-time New Yorker who enjoys navigating the city’s eddies and quirks. Moreno manages some large federal grant projects for BOP using his experience with government and non-profit program management, performance measurement and continuous improvement.
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Hatchery Manager
Written by: Johnny Anderson
How do you like your oysters?
“Alive and filtering water!”

Rebecca leads Billion Oyster Project’s hatchery on Governors Island, growing millions of oysters with Harbor School students. Her passion for marine life started as a young girl growing up on the beach in Breezy Point, Queens. Following her passion, she received a degree in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University. Rebecca worked for Great Atlantic Shellfish Farms for several years, where she helped run the hatchery and produced millions of oysters and clams each year. She also designed The Great South Bay Oyster Gardening Program, teaching students and locals about oyster aquaculture through hands-on experiences. When she isn't working, Rebecca enjoys going back to her roots, visiting the beach.
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Field Technician and Boatbuilder
Written by: Blyss
How do you like your oysters?
"Freshly shucked with shallot vinaigrette"

Hailing from the west coast, Rob grew up with a close connection to the ocean. Although he has extensive journalism and magazine writing experience, his passion for the ocean now takes him to the forefront of waterfront access efforts alongside urban communities. When he’s not advocating for New York Harbor you’ll find him you’ll find him in the boat shop working with student builders.

Contact Rob for ORS support, boat building & a unique experience exploring the nooks and crannies of our urban waterfront.
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Assistant Director of Education & Outreach
Written by: Ann
How do you like your oysters?
"With an Epipen"

Robina began her career wanting to direct movies and write screenplays. She still has that ambition, but at the moment she is inspired by the passion and mission found at Billion Oyster project and New York Harbor School, and is especially motivated by seeing the excitement and wonder on young students’ faces when they get to see a real life critter from the harbor. Having raised four boys it’s understandable that her preferred superpower would be to control time.

Contact Robina to learn how to get your school involved, bring your students on a tour BOP/New York Harbor School, come out to Governors Island for a Day of Service, or to give a presentation at your next school event.
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Project Manager
Written by: Rebecca
How do you like your oysters?
"Filtering water!"

Ryan is leading the charge on one of our largest oyster reef projects to date, the Soundview Project in the East River. With a background in ecological restoration and water resource management, Ryan has worked on NOAA Marine Debris Removal and EPA Wetland Programs, as well as with the NYC Parks Department. He received his BS in Wildlife Biology and his Masters in Ecological Engineering. A native Brooklyner, Ryan appreciates diversity in New York Harbor and New York City.

Contact Ryan for information about the Soundview Reefs Restoration Project in the Bronx.
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Community Reefs Regional Manager
Written by: Jeremy
How do you like your oysters?
"On double-side knit, with a contrasting background"

Tanasia’s love for the remote green & vast blue in and among her concrete jungle started before she even made it to The Harbor School. Since graduating, she’s kept her promise of change through action and now leads efforts to install community reefs in South Brooklyn. Legend has it that she once knitted an entire oyster reef before permits arrived for an actual install.

Contact Tanasia if you’re a South Brooklyn oyster advocate!
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Restoration Field Coordinator
Written by: Helene
How do you like your oysters? "Alive and reproducing"

Tatiana moved to New Jersey from Cali, Colombia when she was eight years old. She quickly learned English, but missed the coexistence with nature that is ingrained in Colombian culture. That’s when Tatiana knew she wanted to be a sustainable bridge between where we are now and where we want to be. Monmouth University offered the perfect program: Marine & Environmental Biology and Policy. Tatiana most recently worked for The Nature Conservancy, but is thrilled to join BOP's restoration team. When she isn’t shuffling to and from Governors Island, Tatiana performs as a salsa dancer! She also loves hiking, and after studying abroad in Florence takes every opportunity to travel and immerse herself in new cultures.

Contact Tatiana for information about Billion Oyster Project field station sites.
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IT/Office Manager
Written by: Agata
How do you like your oysters?
"Busy cleaning New York Harbor." "

Growing up in landlocked Arizona, Theresa dreamed of becoming a Marine Biologist while vacationing on sunny beaches with her family. Unfortunately, desert living did not provide any marine studies career options. Instead, she went on to study psychology, art + design and eventually moved to New York where she has worked as a designer and a branding consultant. Theresa has two children; a daughter who is an aspiring writer, and a son who is a recent graduate from the New York Harbor School, and who has gone on to study marine science in college. While her son was at Harbor School, she became involved with the school and Billion Oyster Project and is now part of the BOP team. Theresa loves working at Billion Oyster Project because she is constantly learning directly from educators, scientists, and students. Contact Theresa

Contact Theresa if you have are seeking general information regarding Billion Oyster Project or New York Harbor School.
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Director of Finance & Operations
How do you like your oysters? "Fresh from the sea or cooked with duck foie gras on top"

Vicky grew up in Manila, Philippines but had short-term assignments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Netherlands prior to moving in New York. She has 25 years experience in Finance, Contracting and Procurement & HR working with global teams in Production B.V & Shell Exploration. Now with BOP, she's much more connected to shells, but now it's all about oyster shells! Vicky loves to learn new things from the diverse work environment, culture and people with diverse knowledge and experience. An avid tennis player she loves traveling & spending time with family and friends over tapas and happy hour drinks. Reading minds would be her superpower because I like to know what ideas go on great minds.

Contact Vicky for BOP Finance Management, Insurance & HR administration information.
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BOP Professional Team Lead and Dive Safety Officer
Written by: Juan Pareja
How do you like your oysters?
"Picked by my divers, steamed on the beach and smothered in butter"

Zoë grew up in Brooklyn, traveled the world working underwater, and ended up back in Boerum Hill doing what she loves right here at home in NYC. She wanted to live beneath the waves as a kid and is now diving as our own BOP mermaid, paving the way for future merpeople.

Contact Zoë for information on professional diving.
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