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Welding Program Log

By Susannah Black
December 10, 2015



October 8:

Today we introduced some newcomers into the program by teaching and showing them how to weld for the first time. I also filled out paper work for my internship.

–Awa Sylla.

Today we learned how to arc weld, and to know what equipment to use when doing so.

–Evan Baerga


October 13:

Today was my first time welding and it was great.  It’s kind of hard but it’s something that just needs practice. Me being a diver makes me think one day I could do a job welding underwater. I enjoy welding and hope to learn more.

–Gabriela Solis

Today we did some flux core welding and did some practice for the newcomers. We learned our first vocabulary word, porosity, meaning pores in a finished weld.

–Awa Sylla


October 16:

This week in welding class we work on frames. We were trying to setup frames so that we can make a cage to help out another CTE later on in the future.

–Awa Sylla


November 12:

We started to grind a table so we can weld the legs on so we will be able to have more work space. We got started but we didn’t finish so hopefully weather permitting we can finish it.

–Dmitri Scruggs

Today we worked on the rusted steel table. We had 5 different sections to work on and then we had to dry the spots with the torch. While we were at it we did a little rust busting with the torch, and after that we ground the spots down and tried to do our first weld but it didn’t work out.  We found out we need to do the welds inside.

–Awa Sylla


December 3:

Today in welding our goal was to cut the rebar out, but we stopped because we needed to cut a chain for the Waterfront Club and because some people still needed to take the test to cut. Then we watched riveting which is something I’d like to do.

–Elias Ramos


December 8:

Today in welding we learned about the different safety procedures for the tanks. We also learned about the 2 colors– green and red– and what they actually are, green is oxygen and red is acetylene. We also torched (cut) some chains. We also watched some videos on welding and what could happen if you don’t follow those safety procedures.

–Matthew Smith