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Shop class, but different.

By Susannah Black
May 5, 2015

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Snapshot of how BOP integrates trade skills, business skills and restoration:

So, say the NYS Thruway Authority decides that the only batch of people who have the collection of specific skills required to help rebuild oyster habitat that will be disturbed by the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge are Harbor School students.  What happens next is that Harbor’s Career and Technical Education program heads, and their students, get together to figure out who has to do what to make this project happen.

The task that falls to Marine Systems Tech is welding oyster condos– 3-dimensional triangular structures that will serve as the spine of the new reef that BOP will be building.

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A LOT of oyster condos.

Brendan Malone runs MST’s afterschool welding internship as a small business, so BOP is essentially hiring that business to supply the condos.  And what that means is a lot of sourcing materials, a lot of project planning, a lot of designing, and a LOT of welding.

So: we’d like to welcome Clarke Dennis, our new specialist welding teacher!

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To support Clark, Brendan & the interns, head over here!