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Sign up for a BOP Oyster Research Station Basic Training

By admin
April 20, 2015

Oyster Research Stations (ORS) are the core of the BOP Schools and Community Science program- find out how you can monitor your own live oysters and contribute to our ecosystem restoration and education initiative! 

We invite you to join the BOP Schools and Community Science program by attending a training to maintain your own dockside cage + trap we call the “Oyster Research Station” (ORS).  The program is designed for schools, organizations, and individual community scientists who want to be “hands-on” in monitoring and restoring the New York Harbor Estuary.  During Basic Training on Governors Island, you will receive your own three-part oyster restoration station and learn our protocols for monitoring and data collection.  BOP provides live oysters, some supplies, and a permitted waterfront site at which you can install your ORS.  We help you set up the site and establish good connections with the local property owner so you can run a successful restoration station and contribute to this harbor-wide community science initiative!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1): Carefully read through the BOP Oyster Restoration Station Contract to understand the commitment. Look at the map of research station sites to determine which is closest or most convenient to your school or organization.

Step 2): Read through the ORS manual, data sheets, and other resources in the BOP Field Science Public Folder to get a sense of what will be taught at the training.

Step 3): Sign up for an “Oyster Research Station Basic Training” via our digital platform.  Once you sign up for the BOP Digital Platform, you’ll be able to:

(If you need help, visit out our BOP Digital Platform How-To Guide or email

Cost: Please note BOP asks for a minimum $200 contribution per kit from each participating organization or individual to help defray the costs of materials, equipment, and technical support personnel.

If you are unable to contribute $200, please email us ( to request an exemption.

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We look forward to working with you to restore New York Harbor!