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Tappan Zee Dive Report

By Susannah Black
October 28, 2015

by Ava Socci and Devon Longo

October 16, 2015


Upon descent, there were about two or three feet of visibility due to the sunlight. When we reached the bottom, it was pitch black and there was no visibility. We were unaware that there was going to be no visibility.

On our first descent, we lost the trail line on the way down and tried to find the hotel [oyster condo] and artificial reef balls via navigation. This was unsuccessful so we had to resurface and descend again holding firmly onto the line.


Once we reached the bottom for the second time we followed the line to the hotel. When we reached the hotel, we were in charge of taking pictures of the structure and drawing/mapping out where the structures were and how deep in the muck they had sunk.


Due to zero visibility, it was impossible to take pictures of the structures underwater and to make out any distinctions (example: oysters growing on oysters; the presence of twist ties). By sticking our slate into the muck until it reached the bottom of the structure and drawing a line on the slate we were able to determine its position.

The hotel was in a pyramid shape with one corner in the muck. As we tried to find another structure, it was very difficult because the lines were not easy to see and we didn’t know they were going to branch off from each other in a V shape.


Once figuring this out, we made our way to the small reef ball. Here we were to complete the same task. Again, due to visibility, taking pictures was unsuccessful. The reef ball was tilted on its side so the top hole was almost touching the muck. We could not find the line branching off to the large reef ball.

During our attempt, surface support unknowingly pulled us away from each other underwater. Due to the bad visibility finding each other again was nearly impossible. After a minute of waiting and communicating to try and figure out each other’s position, we decided to come up and end our dive.



  • Entering and exiting the water (ladder entry/exit)
  • Looking for things on the structures (no visibility)
  • Looking for things on the lines (too much growth on them)Ava Socci and Devon Longo Dive Repot