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Tappan Zee Dive: Outtakes

By Susannah Black
October 28, 2015

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[Selected transcription from SCUBA comms, Tappan Zee Bridge dive.  Note: Joe can hear Devon and Ava, but no one else can.  Devon and Ava can sometimes hear Joe. Zoe can hear Joe but not Devon and Ava. Devon and Ava can hear each other but not Zoe.]

Joe: “Divers coming up!”

Zoe: “See how close they are to each other.”

Joe:  “Two feet.  I can tell from their bubbles they’re going to be two feet away.”

Devon, to Ava, underwater: “It doesn’t seem like they’re talking to us, but they’re pulling us in.”

Joe:  “Divers, would you like to be pulled in?  You’re coming out of the water now.”

Devon: “Uh, NO, we were just getting pulled and we lost each other.”

Joe: “Do you want to go back down?”


Devon: “We’ve got the small reef ball and that’s it.”

Joe [to Devon & Ava]:”All right!  Copy!” [to Zoe]: “They’re gonna go back in.”

Zoe: “All right!”

Ava: [laughs in delight.]

Zoe: “Let’s check their air again.”

Joe: “Divers, what’s your air?”

Ava: “1500.”

Joe [to Zoe]: “1500 for Ava.”

Devon: “1750.”

Joe [to Zoe]: “1700 for Devon.”  [to Devon:] “Copy.”

Zoe: “Tell them they have to be back at 1200.”

Joe: “Divers, you have to be back on the surface at 1200.”

Zoe: “So they’ve only got a couple more…”

Joe: “Ava, shall we pull you in?”

Ava: “Yeah.”

Devon: “We’re very heavy right now.”

Ava: “Yeah, sorry we’re so heavy.”

[underwater laughter]

Joe: “They’re saying sorry to Olivia and Brianna because they’re heavy.”

Devon: “We have the small reef ball and then we’re done.”

Joe: “They say they just have the small reef ball and then they’re done.”

Devon: “How far away is the small reef ball?”

Joe [to Devon]: “What??” [to Zoe]: “It sounds like… they wanna go back down there.  Ava only has 1500.  And they’re talking to each other.”

Devon: “What do you want to do, Ava?”

Ava: “We have to be back at the surface at 1200 and I’m already at 1500.  I don’t think I should go back down.”

Devon [to Ava]:  “All right.”  [to Joe] “I think we’re coming up.”

Joe [to Devon]: “Copy.” [To everyone]: “Divers are coming up!”

[they surface]

Ava: “OK, how do you want me to do this?…I gotta get up.  I can’t do this!”

Joe: “You GOT this! C’mon!”

Ava: [laughing] “I’m so weak!  OK, I’m sealing out.  Don’t pull me, don’t pull me! …I’m so stuck.  Stop PULLING me!”  [Pause with grunting and laughter.  Then, with great satisfaction:]  “I found my way on to the boat.  It’s not pretty, what I’m doing.”



Devon [amused]: “Is it my turn?”


Joe: “Yeah, Devon.”

Devon: “Awesome.” [pause.] “I can pull myself up.”

[eventually, he does.]


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