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TAKE BACK THE HARBOR – on demand or on the big screen

January 30, 2019

Directed by Emmy-award-winning filmmakers Kristi Jacobson & Roger Ross Williams, documentary film TAKE BACK THE HARBOR celebrates Harbor School students and captures their discoveries, setbacks, and victories in helping to restore oyster reefs to NY Harbor.

Ways to watch:

  1. Anytime:
    On-demand for cable subscribers. 40 minutes.
  2. Tues, Feb 12, REI at 303 Lafayette Street:
    Screening and Q&A with Danielle Bissett, Billion Oyster Project Senior Project Manager.
  3. Sun, Feb 24, New York WILD Film Festival:
    Screening and Q&A with Kristi Jacobson, Film Director, and Murray Fisher, Co-founder of Billion Oyster Project and The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School.

“To me, the only way to have hope in restoring the harbor and really the planet as a whole is to make hope. Nothing is going to happen unless someone does it. And that someone else might as well be me.”
Harbor School student Nicholas