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Take about eleven seconds out of your life and help BOP win $25,000!

By Susannah Black
March 24, 2015

BOP has been selected to compete for an audience award as part of a Solution Search initiative. This means we are competing for online votes with the likes of: the City of Ottawa, Restore Americas Estuaries, American Littoral Society and many more.  

Student Teaching Middle Schoolers copy
The idea is to identify and support initiatives that help make more resilient cities in the face of rising currents and more extreme storms.
BOP is in the fight because it is a tool for building community resiliency through restoration based public education and ecosystem resilience by supporting a more diverse and more productive ecosystem.
Winners get funding and recognition.  We win by getting votes on the Solution Search website.  We’d love your help in getting our votes up.  The website will tally one vote per day per IP.
Pete notes:
I will be voting every day and have added this link to the home page on my phone.  This allows me two touch voting.  It takes less than 30 seconds to set up and ten seconds to vote.