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When Do You Teach a Kid to Use a Ruler, and When Do You Give Them a Task that Requires Using a Ruler?  Practicing Inquiry in the Field

The CCERS Fellowship at Pace is a two‐year professional development program that trains teachers to engage their students in hands‐on environmental STEM and restoration ecology in New York Harbor.  The Fellowship is open to NYC Department of Education middle school teachers working in Title I funded schools.  Classes and trainings are taught by guest experts, […]

Preparing for Field Expeditions with the BOP-CCERS Fellows

Last month, Cohort Two fellows returned to BOP-CCERS partner organization The River Project (TRP) for Field Training #2, a second full day of hands-on restoration-based professional development.  The sessions were jointly facilitated by Elisa Caref of TRP, Mollie Thurman of Biobus/Biobase, and New York Harbor Foundation staff (BOP-CCERS Program Manager Sam Janis and Curriculum Specialists […]

BOP-CCERS Fellows Field Training #1 at The River Project

The BOP-CCERS Fellowship at Pace University is a two-year professional development and training program designed to give teachers the knowledge and tools to engage their students in hands-on restoration science in New York Harbor.  This is our second year of the program, and the first year in which we have two cohorts overlapping. The program is […]