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St. Clare Students Engineer for NY Harbor

May 28, 2018

A team of robotics students at the St. Clare School has been hard at work, putting their skills and innovation to use to help further the work of Billion Oyster Project!

As part of their science and engineering studies, five students chose to rethink the Billion Oyster Project oyster research station, a structure that NYC schools use to install and monitor oysters in local waters. Their creativity and execution won them the NYC FIRST LEGO League Champion’s Award, and they then travelled to Detroit to participate in the world championship.

Their prototype:

These young engineers implemented the following design features:

  • Zip ties make it easier for people to put the station together.
  • A bottom compartment allows oysters and other aquatic animals to interact.
  • A top compartment has ten slots that allow for easy monitoring of individual oysters.
  • The top door is removable and contains two ceramic tiles that will be home to many micro-organisms.
  • Two easy-access doors will allow ceramic tiles to be removed for monitoring and then put back with ease, without harming micro-organisms.

The students will pilot their design in the water this summer.

They even chose to present their work in the form of a children’s book.

Watch more clips of the team presenting (the three young engineers on the left represent the oysters’ perspective!).

Life in NY Harbor:

Why renovate: