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Simons Foundation

By admin
June 27, 2016

The Simons Foundation’s mission is to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences. Cofounded in New York City by Jim and Marilyn Simons, the foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. The Simons Foundation at its core exists to support basic — or discovery-driven — scientific research, undertaken in pursuit of understanding the phenomena of our world. The support of The Simons Foundation has allowed for the development of our Volunteer Program and Community Reefs initiative. Currently our public volunteer days, are held every Friday in the Spring and Summer. Volunteer days are a crucial component to our oyster production and restoration process, preparing oyster restoration stations for citizen science and BOP teachers’ training as well as washing and bagging recycled oyster shells for planting season. Our volunteers provide extra hands for our CTE teachers with needs varying from equipment cleanup and organization to vessel maintenance. We conduct our volunteer days to engage the greater public, school groups, and corporate groups who play a direct role in the oyster restoration process. Volunteer days are the bedrock of promoting awareness of the importance of oysters in our ecosystem and how we can all play a part in restoring their New York Harbor population. BOP aims to engage a wider net of the NYC community through in-water community-based oyster reefs in each borough. Starting with pilot reefs at Bush Terminal Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Whitehall Slip. Lack of waterfront access is a huge challenge in engaging NYC communities to form a relationship with their local waterways. Through our community reefs, the public will get in the water and have the opportunity to experience and participate in monitoring the quality and health of their reefs through BOP community volunteer events.