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Oyster Tanks in the Classroom!

By Heather Flanagan
November 8, 2017

Setting up a classroom oyster tank is a great way to get started with BOP, and it’s an awesome way to keep your class hooked on oysters all year long!


Oyster Tank Supplies Purpose Quant Price
Tank (10 gallon) home for oysters 1 $41.00
Tap water conditioner de-chlorination of tank water 1 $8.00
Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt (48 lb bucket) making artificial seawater 1 $42.00
Spat-on-shell clusters reef 10
Oyster Shell substrate 50
Aerator dissolved oxygen 1 $7.00
Air Stones (10 pack) dissolved oxygen 1 $7.00
Airline Tubing dissolved oxygen 1 $3.00
Plastic bottle with wide-mouth (optional for DIY filter) DIY filter
Aquarium gravel (optional for DIY filter) DIY filter 1 $13.00
1 $15.00
Shellfish Diet 1800 phytoplankton concentrate (1qt) feeding oysters 1 $47.25
 TOTAL $183.25
  • Look through the BOP Oyster Tank Guide for step-by-step directions on setting up your classroom oyster tank.
  • Check out the Oyster Tank Investigation, a very adaptable unit originally written for middle school students, for a lesson sequence introducing classroom oyster tanks based on NGSS Science standards.
  • Read our blog post on how to set up an experimental classroom tanks.
  • Questions?  Need help troubleshooting a tank problem?  Feedback?  Contact to get in touch with our education staff!