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Overheard at MAST Center, Penguin Edition.

By Susannah Black
April 15, 2016

Jaxon:  “Edwin and I were at the aquarium this week, diving in the penguin tank. That was quite an experience…You’re not supposed to look at them. Like, you’re not supposed to make eye contact.  ‘Cause it’ll encourage different behavior.  But they really want to get to know ya.  So like if you’re on surface support, they’ll walk between your legs, try to get you to notice them.”

Watch this space for a full account of Jaxon & Edwin’s Penguin Encounter.

Background: Professional Diving students take opportunities to dive in many different settings, in order to build skills that they use to dive in the Harbor to work on BOP related projects.  One of these settings is the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn, where some Pro Diving seniors have internships.