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Meet the Fellows 2016: Jeffrey Bradshaw

By Heather Flanagan
April 8, 2016

The BOP-CCERS Fellowship at Pace University is a two-year professional development and training program designed to give teachers the knowledge and tools to engage their students in hands-on restoration science in New York Harbor.  This is our second year of the program, and the first year in which we have two cohorts overlapping. The program is structured so that second year fellows serve as mentors to the first.  

The first cohort of 17 middle school math and science teachers, who began in February 2015, are now finishing up their implementation year, during which they have taught a spiraling BOP curriculum and have taken their students on at least four monitoring expeditions. The second cohort of 24 teachers from 14 schools are currently in their foundations semester, in which they learn from guest experts and receive four days of hands-on field training from staff scientists. 

Last fall we featured some BOP-CCERS Cohort One teachers and now it’s Cohort Two teachers’ turn to shine!  Join us this month as we get to know more of the NYC DOE middle school teachers who are bringing hands-on restoration science to classrooms from the Bronx to Brooklyn.  Today, meet Jeffrey Bradshaw of M.S. 88, South Slope, Brooklyn.

Jeffrey and his Citizen Science club in the field at Solar One testing the water at the East Hudson River.

Jeffrey and his Citizen Science club in the field at Solar One testing the water at the East Hudson River.

Tell us about…

…your school!

“M.S. 88 which is located on 544 7th Ave in Brooklyn. We are a Learning Partner School. Our theme is around Integrated Projects. My school is broken down into three small houses. Each house focuses on something different. The First floor is called SISTA House (Arts and Music). The Second floor is called SMART House (Technology). The Third floor is called MEDICAL House (Science). The teachers at my school mostly have a talent or a hobby which they usually build an after-school program around. We have 1200 students and we have a school leader who embraces opportunities not just for the staff, but for students as well.”


…your students!

“I teach 7th grade math. I have some talented, helpful, funny middle school kids who bring the kid out of me. I do have students that are interested in the BOP.”



“I currently work at M.S. 88 which is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. My undergrad major was in Computer Information Systems but then I had a math professor who thought I should become a teacher. Now, at the time, I just laughed because teaching was not on my mind. Funny how I then enrolled in Brooklyn College and majored in Middle School Math Ed. Working at M.S. for the past seven years, I have had so many opportunities to collaborate with teachers from different subject areas. The Science Teacher (Ms. Azcona) and I already have a Citizen Science club and I saw the BOP as a great way to continue the work we are doing with our students. As a math teacher, I like learning and realize that I am a life-long learner. I own two African Cichlid fish tanks.”


What is the nearest body of water to your school?  

“Gowanus Canal.”

What’s something you’re proud of in your teaching, your school, or your students?

“For our Citizen Science Club we are currently working on our research question, where the students are investigating: How does location affect the quality of water? The students are comparing water quality of the East Hudson River versus Coney Island Creek by Kaiser Park. Also exploring why water quality or the distribution is different and to identify factors that might cause variations in water quality as measured by abiotic or virtue disc results.  The club is currently in the process of collecting data from the virtue discs and comparing what’s growing on the discs from each location.”


We’re so glad to have Jeffrey and all the other fellows aboard!  Click here to get to know the rest of Cohort Two.

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