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“Mascot:” BOP in NYT!

By Susannah Black
April 29, 2015


Check out this NY Times piece on the dance performance “Shore,” which last week brought a group of performers and audience members out to Governors Island as part of a multi-day, multi-site experiential dance/feast/volunteer event.

A few days later, another volunteer group ventured to Governors Island for hands-on work with the Billion Oyster Project, an initiative to introduce a billion oysters into New York Harbor. A once-thriving species depleted over centuries — along with its unparalleled filtration properties — the oyster, now making an ecological comeback, could be a mascot for “Shore.” At the final feast, on the toxic but nonetheless inviting banks of Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, oysters were on the menu; their discarded shells would be used to grow more oysters.

Thanks to all who participated!