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Join the Crew! BOP is hiring.

By Susannah Black
July 15, 2015

As we– and the oysters– grow, we’re looking for new folks to come aboard. ┬áSee below.

Job Description: Billion Oyster Project Restoration Manager

New York Harbor Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a regional environmental education 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes the public good by identifying and carrying out activities that improve the access to, awareness and education about, and condition of New York Harbor and other water bodies in the surrounding region.

Oysters were the keystone species and original ecosystem engineers of New York Harbor. Oyster reefs once covered more than 220,000 acres of the Hudson River estuary. They provided valuable ecosystem services to the region by filtering water, providing habitat for other marine species and attenuating wave energy. Today, oysters are functionally extinct in the Harbor as a result of over-harvesting, dredging and pollution. The absence of oysters has impaired our estuary’s ability to clean the water and absorb excess nitrogen; the loss of reefs has reduced protective habitat, destabilized the sea floor and left our shoreline vulnerable to destructive wave action. The Billion Oyster Project aims to reverse these effects by bringing oysters and their reef habitat back to New York Harbor. Restoring oysters and reefs will, over time, restore the local marine ecosystem’s natural mechanisms for maintaining itself, resulting in cleaner water and greater biodiversity. Engaging students and the general public in this work will build a culture of stewardship and a more robust understanding and appreciation of the Harbor for future generations.

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The Restoration Manager is responsible for managing the Billion Oyster Project’s restoration projects. The Restoration Manager (RM) reports to the Billion Oyster Project Director and works to implement the in-water restoration aspects of the project. The RM works with Billion Oyster Project staff to manage the day-to-day operations of existing restoration activities and plan for the mid- and long-term expansion of restoration programs. The RM will be responsible for all environmental and government permitting and will managing day-to-day operational tasks such as scheduling meetings; planning and executing boat-based oyster reef monitoring trips; and ensuring that existing grant funds are being properly managed. Planning for mid- and long-term expansion includes tasks such as developing new grant proposals and programs; fostering partnerships withgovernment agencies, environmental organizations, and other partners; and preparing new environmental permit applications. The Restoration Manager will work closely with Harbor School teachers, students, and administration as well as with external partners engaged in oyster restoration work. Accordingly, commitment to and experience or interest in education and working with public high school students is highly desirable. Candidate should be comfortable working around the water and on boats on scientific projects.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Manage environmental permits for oyster restoration projects: acquire new permits; manage permitting processes and communication with regulatory staff; manage permitting-related paperwork and ensure compliance with and maintenance of existing environmental permits.
  2. Manage oyster restoration, contracts, and budget (including procurement of supplies and equipment): manage existing oyster restoration grant programs, ensure grant reporting and compliance with grant requirements.
  3. Coordinate with Career and Technical Education teachers, School and Foundation staff, and external partners to organize and implement restoration activities and events such as oyster reef monitoring trips, oyster nursery work days, and volunteer events.
  4. Identify new oyster restoration-related grant opportunities and develop grant applications in coordination with the Director of Development.
  5. Participate in the planning and design of future reef sites

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Professional experience relating to Marine Policy
  2. Experience writing or administering grant applications and awards
  3. Experience coordinating projects involving multiple stakeholders, particular those involving marine restoration
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  5. Initiative, ability to work independently
  6. Excellent organizational and clerical skills

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Benefits: Employee is a full-time employee of New York Harbor Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Position is a full-time, year-round position and benefits include health insurance and paid vacation time.

Send resume, cover letter and three references to Pete Malinowski