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Human Impacts

By Susannah Black
July 15, 2015

Cheesecake? Strudel? Spat.

Our friends at Human Impacts Institute have had a battle to get their oyster cultivation program underway.  After a strong start, they lost a cohort to vandalism– as oysters return to New York Harbor, so, apparently, do the oyster pirates.  But Lena Golze Desmond and Lena Greenberg, and the rest of the HII team,know that restoration requires persistence, and last week they came back out to Governors Island to pick up 500 spat on shell to give it another go.  They then headed out to East River State Park to put two cages back in the water– one in the original location, and one in a more secure one.


HII Restoration Site: East River State Park

“We’re extremely grateful to the New York Harbor School and the Billion Oyster Project for giving us a second (third?) chance to do our oysters right,” writes Lena.  Are you kidding?  We’re grateful to you guys, and to all those who don’t let setbacks get in the way of doing what needs to be done to jump-start this generations-long project of restoration.

On September 8, HII will be holding an oyster restoration event at their site in the East River State Park.  Defy the pirates.  Show your support.  Join them there!