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Heroes of the Harbor: A Student Mariner’s View

By Susannah Black
October 28, 2015


by William Wolf

The Heroes of the Harbor parade was a spectacular event! Ships from all around the Harbor showed up: the schooners Pioneer and Lettie G. Howard, the FDNY fire boats, etc.

Getting to see the parade was one thing, however my view of it was a bit different. I witnessed it first hand on the Harbor School’s vessel Privateer, participating in the parade. This was the best way to see and experience the parade.

Driving along side each of the other participating vessels was great! One of my favorite historic vessels was the schooner Pioneer, who was being captained by Mike Cohen.  The best moment was when he passed our small buoy tender to give a friendly passing wave hello. The whole while we were hard at work at the helm, on bow watch, and working on other various jobs aboard Privateer. After spending much of the day setting up, parading past Chelsea Piers and watching the ceremony, once the parade had finished, we may have been tired, but I’m quite glad we got to join in and get a first hand experience of the day’s events.