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Harbor Corps Update

By Susannah Black
April 1, 2016


Presentation of scale model of the new 10 foot gabion– the Oyster Filing Cabinet– designed to house sleeves of oysters.

Preparation for dive to upgrade sonde.

Presentation of the April work plan.

Introduction of new econcrete mold, 3D printed, imported from Israel.  Pouring Party Preparation.

Discussion about potential Fishers Island teambuilding trip for Harbor Corps.  Pros: Great pancakes, great views, great beaches.  Cons: none.

Jaxon: “Is this something you want help from the students to plan?”

Katie: “I always want you to do everything.  But I will help you.”

Program Updates


Spat on shell have been doing very well.  Estimated 5 mil. larvae, 50% expected yield.  Spawn next Monday: new larvae coming in.  They’re being fed on algae paste.

Freshmen are going on Aquaculture field class & Sophomores are

Our tilapia.  Some of them died, so that’s unfortunate.  When we put food in, it sinks to the bottom.  It was too cold, gets very cold in the lab at night, and the tilapia were getting really lethargic and some of them even got sucked into the pump.  So we put heaters in the barrels and that worked.


Working on engine

Welding, cutting rebar, making gabions.

Ocean Engineering:

Figuring out how to hoist Sonde cable so that the splice doesn’t get damaged.

Pro Diving:

Sophomores & Juniors working on certifications,

This week, most people are at Beneath the Sea.  All are in Marine Careers event today.

Marine Bio:

Students finishing aquatic ecosystem models.

Looking for journal articles.

Vessel Ops:

Privateer back from Staten Island.

Aaron suggested using Pioneer for dives; it has a draft of 4 feet.  Indy’s ready to be scheduled for dives.

Sophomores working on CPR.

BOP General:

Working on permitting new structures that are going to Bush Terminal Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5.

BOParty: Harbor Corps will be Student Reps.

Opportunity to volunteer for Sunset Park participatory budgeting meeting.