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Harbor Corps Update 3/11/16: SPAWN

By Susannah Black
March 16, 2016

Harbor Corps is a student-led initiative.  With representatives from every grade and each CTE, this group of volunteers meets each Friday off the 7:30 a.m. ferry to present updates and to plan the work for the week ahead.  This is the heartbeat of BOP.  This HC Update is the first of an ongoing series, allowing readers to follow the progress of BOP at the finest grain of planning and execution.  It is not a complete record of what each CTE has accomplished in the past week; rather it’s a snapshot of the ongoing progress of this project.


Marine Biology

  • ~Zain and Cezanne made it to NY State Science and Engineering Fair finals; watch this space for more info coming soon!
  • ~The sophomores just started their Aquatic Ecosystem Management tanks, “so they’re learning not to kill things.”


MST students working on Diablo Grande

MST students working on Diablo Grande

  • ~Working to get Diablo Grande finished ASAP– so boatbuilding club after school has been pitching in, and classes have been focused on getting that done.
  • ~Students are studying OSHA regulations, and creating presentations on topics such as procedures for electrical work in confined spaces.
  • ~Clarke is teaching advanced welding techniques to a select group of Seniors.

Ocean Engineering

  • ~Working on the YSI camera.

Professional Diving

  • ~Seniors are doing divemaster skills practice at the Bushwick pool
  • ~Juniors are doing their scientific diving certification prep
  • ~Sophomores are working on their CPR training.
  • ~All are preparing for the Beneath the Sea industry event.
  • ~Divers went on a tour of the NOAA ship Henry Bigelow— and then dove with Bigelow’s crew at the Bushwick pool.

Vessel Operations

  • ~Indy and Privateer are both at Brooklyn Navy Yard undergoing maintenance, which should be finished mid-April.
  • ~Seniors are preparing for radio launch operator licensure and starting their internships.
  • ~Juniors are working on their CPR training.


Katie & Pete met with the afterschool Welding Club to discuss the design of new rebar structures/gabions for the new reef sites.  They’ll give Pro Diving the specs so that they can plan the lowering of these structures, which are 10-foot cages.  Ocean Engineering is working on designs; they’ll give the CAD files to Pro Diving when they’re done.