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Gramercy Tavern joins the BOP Family (and Vice Versa!)

By Luis Melendez
April 8, 2014

BOP is excited to announce that Gramercy Tavern has joined the movement to restore NY Harbor!

Last week, we had the pleasure of joining their family mealtime with a short staff training about shell recycling and the social-environmental mission of BOP. This was an eye opening experience for their team and ours. Tavern staff asked great questions and demonstrated keen interest and dedication to the cause of restoring both food and environment. We also received an extensive tour of the back of the house, which was impressive to say the least….

Gramercy Tavern was established  in 1995 by the restauranteur Danny Meyer and is now led by Executive Chef Michael Anthony. Since then, Gramercy has developed a reputation not only for their fine cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and kind and caring staff, but also for their positive influence on the community and environment around our city. It comes as no surprise that they have decided to join us on our restoration efforts in a big way, as a shell recycling partner and supporter.

Lastly, Gramercy has taken an unique and innovative approach towards shell recycling. Not only do they collect all their shells (top and bottom) but they run each one through the dishwater/sterilizer before tossing them in the bin. This gives us clean shell from the start and reduces the “curing” time by more than half!

On behalf of the Billion Oyster Project, thanks for joining us on our mission to restore New York Harbor!

Sam and Luis stopped to provide B.O.P restaurant staff training.

BOP and Gramercy, one big happy family.


Luis considering a career shift…


Luis and Sous Chef Matt Gunther proudly admiring some FI Oysters…absolutely fresh!