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Gettin’ Ready for a Spawn: Volunteer Opportunity Friday 1/29

By Susannah Black
January 20, 2016
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Volunteers (beloved & faithful) have an opportunity to get a jump on the year. We’ve got several batches of conditioning broodstock (mom & pop oysters) in our hatchery. Spawns start soon, followed by larvae, and lastly, spat. A lot like insect larva, our oyster larva need to go through metamorphosis. Uniquely, our larvae need find refuge on clean shell to metamorphose into SPAT. (!)

Our goal for Friday is to clean and bag oyster shell from our shell pile. This will be led by our hatchery manager Jeremy Esposito and his student interns Gregory & Emma. Make it out on the 10am for a tour and coffee, 11am for start of work. And as always, dress for weather! Our volunteer day will be cancelled in the event of heavy rain / snow, and below freezing temps.  And it you’d like to be on our regular volunteer email list, go here.



BOP Volunteering Basics

Volunteer Fridays:

  • The work day will go from 11 am-4 pm. But come on the 10 am ferry for tour and coffee!

  • Take the 10 am ferry from the Battery Maritime Building just North of the SI Ferry building; there’s a ferry off the island at 4 and another at 4:30.  For more ferry times, see here.

  • After you get off the ferry you’ll be met at Soissons Landing, if you come on the 11 am. If you come later, head over to the MAST Center– basically you’ll be taking a left off the ferry and following the shoreline road to the MAST Center.  (The last few feet of the road are blocked off; just walk across the grass to get to MAST, which is the long building behind the brick wall right by the water, to the left of the big white octagonal structure: on this satellite view, it’s the one marked with the orange destination marker/teardrop.)

  • It’s fine if you can’t make the whole day.  Come for however long you can.

  • Everyone who can should bring work gloves and boots.  Definitely wear clothes that can get dirty!

  • Bring your own lunch.  Don’t forget sunscreen, water bottles, hats, warm clothes as needed, and any other outdoor work needs.

    More on what you may be doing & what we’re up to in general:

  • BOP is participating in a pilot project to figure out how to restore the 13 acres of oyster reef habitat that have been displaced by the new Tappan Zee Bridge.  More here.  For this project, we need help preparing wire cages.  The wire cages will be filled with shell and placed within larger gabion cages.  More here.  The idea is to find the wild oyster spat that has sustained oyster populations near the Tappen Zee bridge.

  • We also, however, have our own oyster production to work on.  We set oyster larvae on clean, bagged shell that is collected from restaurants.  We need help rinsing and bagging thousands of shells to prepare them for the setting tanks.

I encourage you all to check out our blog for regular updates and descriptions of our various programs.

If you’ve got any other questions, or to RSVP for specific volunteer dates, please respond to this email.