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Fellow Profile: Sherlyne Gilles

By admin
November 20, 2015



Mott Hall IV

1137 Herkimer St Brooklyn NY 11233

“We are Maverick, Level IV is our only option”

Where is your Restoration Station Located?

Sebago Canoe Club 1400 Paerdegat Ave N, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Grade & Subject you teach:


In which of your classes are you implementing BOP curriculum and restoration field science? What does/will this look like?

Class 601 is the control group, and class 603 is the experimental group. I will teach class 603 about BOP during the additional period that is already programmed in the schedule as tech class. They will be involved in using the probes to measure the water quality.



I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological science at Hunter college and a Master of Science Degree at Touro College. My field of expertise has always been biology. However what drew me to the Billion Oyster’s program is the unique ability to become an agent of change by having my students play a fundamental role in restoring the NY Harbor.

What do you hope your students will get out of this experience?

Out of this experience, not only will my students gain exposure to a multitude of materials slightly beyond the scope of their curriculum; but also, they will have the hands-on inquiry approach of using real scientific equipment, to collect real scientific empirical data, and to become digitally literate by uploading that data into a cyber portfolio for BOP.

Would you like to share a short anecdote or highlights relating to BOP or any field science experiences with your classes?

A short highlight for me was the excitement of building my very first oyster cage, securing that cage on a deck, and returning to place the spat on shells in the cage. I am not a fishermen, however I was excited to complete these tasks because I was out of my comfort zone.

Anything else you’d like to share that is relevant to the BOP CCE-RS project and your Fellowship?

I was really surprised to see that BOP used state of the art probes, materials to gather data collection.