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Crickets: Yum. Embrace it.

By Susannah Black
March 16, 2015

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Lou Lahana is a BOP Fellow and the technology teacher at The Island School, a public middle school on Manhattan.   He’s developed a unique, playful, and high-impact social/environmental justice oriented curriculum.

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And his students eat insects.  Because they’re just that cool.  And they know why eating insects can be a powerful solution to the problems caused by higher-impact protein sources such as conventional cattle farming.  And they produce documentaries about their culinary adventures.

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Your new favorite reality show: Britney Eats Insects.  This Lower East Side middle schooler will take you through the tasting experience of a beetle snack, but if that’s not your thing, she’ll also reassure you that “you know, you can mix things together with bugs and you won’t even taste the bugness…”  And she’ll convince you that you want to try making chocolate cricket cookies.  Or if you’re not so much with the chocolate, go for the Cricket Banana Cake.

Bon appétit!