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BOP Intern Reports

By Susannah Black
May 8, 2015

by Alyssa Giacinto

Alyssa and her mom Denise.  Photo credit: Sarah Shatz

Alyssa and her mom Denise.
Photo credit: Sarah Shatz

I work as an aquaculture intern in the lab. I also work at the Estuarium (main tank) in the school’s main building. My job in the lab is to change the water on the broodstock cage and make sure they’re fed. I also tend to the larvae by doing water changes and feeding them. Sometime I also view our larvae under slides and take a count of how many larvae we have. At the Estuarium I do many things– for example I’ll do huge water changes on the tank, scrub the inside of the tank, clean the outside glass, clean the filters and I also have a project to set up an acclimation tank.

The hardest part of my job was just getting started on getting the Estuarium back to normal. I still haven’t gotten it to where it needs to be but I’ve made a lot of progress. The best part of my job is just looking at my finishing product it puts great pride into me to see that all my hard work has paid off. My favorite memory is in the morning when the sun goes through the top window and into the tank I always just take a moment to just stare at the tank before I start working.

Aquaculture helped me out a lot with me internship because a lot of stuff that we’ve learned about oysters I apply to my day to day tasks. Working with the Estuarium I know my way around the filters because I’ve already learned about them in aquaculture. I can identify harbor species in the tank: that way I can revolve my work around their needs and look to see if something’s wrong with them.

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz