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BOP Chef: Crave Fishbar’s Todd Mitgang

By Susannah Black
January 19, 2016


Billion Oyster Project Restaurant Partner Spotlight

Crave Fishbar Executive Chef Todd Mitgang

What made you want to get into the restaurant/oyster bar business? 

I have a love for food and thought. What career could be better for my passion then a career as a restaurant chef/operator?

When you got into the oyster game did you realize what incredible filtration and land protection powers oysters had?

I did not. I thought their only purpose was to fill my belly.

You’ve just opened your second Crave Fishbar in NYC–how does it feel? 

Exhausting, ha…  It feels amazing, we are so lucky to have the great clientele that walks through our doors.

What makes Crave Fishbar unique?


Our dedication to creative sustainable seafood.

Where do most of the oysters on your menu come from?

The majority or our oysters happen to be from the East Coast, mostly from the North East, places like Long Island, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

What’s your favorite kind of oyster on your menu and what do you like to drink with it?

Right now I’m loving our Fishers Island oysters, and what’s better then drinking some cold vodka with them?

Are you a purist when it comes to eating oysters or do you like to shake things up with mignonettes?

I like to eat the same oyster naked, and then with every and any condiment concoction, like fun funky mignonettes and smokey spicy hot sauces like ours. 

What’s your favorite dish on the Crave Fishbar menu other than oysters?


Right now I love our porgy poke, it highlights a local fish and it’s delicious.

What’s coming up in 2016 for Crave Fishbar?

Hmmmm, well we did just open on the Upper West Side.  We are also starting our late night menu featuring a fried fish sandwich and large format draft cocktails.

Lastly, any special tips or tricks to shucking an oyster? 

Be careful.  Always protect your non-knife hand with a kitchen towel. And remember that technique opens an oyster, not strength.