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BOP at DBGB: Pete talks oysters in the Bowery

By Susannah Black
July 13, 2015



Daniel Boulud, restauranteur and chef, knows the importance of good ingredients.  That’s why his downtown venue, DBGB Kitchen and Bar, hosts monthly Sunday Sessions to highlight their suppliers and to help New York get its learn on regarding some of the deeper issues behind various foods.

This past Sunday, Keith Swenson representing our buddies at Rappahannock Oyster Co. was sampling their shellfish to a crowd of enthusiastic and hungry Lower East Siders, and Pete was invited to present on BOP and the importance of sustainable oyster farming to the industry.

In addition to the Rappahannock Connection (which would be a great name for a spy novel, actually,) one of DBGB’s employees had come to our oyster gardening/citizen science training in early June, and has her own grow-out site: these folks are foodies and citizen scientists too.  Can’t beat that!

Thanks to Chef Boulud, Maisie, Michael, Ian Hood, Joanna Sherman of David Bowler Wine who brought the rose, and to all those who made it out to eat and drink and have fun and learn!  If you were there yesterday & want to take the next step, take a cue from DBGB’s citizen scientist/oyster gardener Lindsay and sign up for an oyster gardening training— or come on out to Governors Island some Friday to lend a hand!


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