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BioBase and BOP Team Up to Teach Teachers

By Susannah Black
January 13, 2016

SB BioBase1

BOP CCERS has added another element to its program offerings for teachers in hands-on restoration science.

SB BioBase 3

For six weeks this Fall, BOP and BioBase held a series of three two-hour long training sessions for 20 MFA teachers at the BioBase lab space located inside the Lower East Side Girls Club. The trainings were a mix of hands-on lab practicum and marine science content intensives. All three sessions required teachers to design, build, and monitor their own experimental oyster reef tanks. Teachers worked in small groups to establish experimental theories, test hypothesis through oyster growth monitoring alongside various water quality parameters. At the conclusion of each session, teachers collected and analyzed their results with a final presentation session in which each groups offered some conclusions and lessons learned.

SB BioBase 2

The entire experience was so successful that BioBase scientists and BOP education staff have decided to offer an advanced version of the course for the NYC DOE STEM Dept. In this four day long series, teachers will learn the same content and build the same oyster reef experimental tanks; however they will also learn to engineer and code their own digital water quality sensor array, which will then be deployed in the experimental tanks. The sensor array is being developed in partnership with the computer science program at the Dalton School. The NYCDOE BOP STEM PD will be offered this Spring and interested teachers may sign up here.