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Billion Oyster People: Debby Keehn

By Susannah Black
June 17, 2016
Debby et al

Today’s BOP volunteers watch as their morning’s hard work was deployed on the reef.

Periodically, we use this space to highlight the words & experience of a member of the BOP community. BOP volunteer Debby Keehn spoke of her time on Governors Island today:

The highlight of volunteering was being able to meet the extraordinary Harbor School graduates who were helping coordinate the day.  Both Jennifer and Chastity had stories of what Harbor School and Billion Oyster Project have done for them; they’re both engaged in maritime academic work; this profoundly influenced the direction their lives are taking.  And it’s not just that they’re specifically headed towards maritime careers: it’s that their experience doing this work has led them to know that they can really accomplish things in their world. They were both extremely self-possessed, deeply engaged young women, with total clarity about their place in the world and their own efficacy.

There’s nothing like actually being here. Feeling the wind and seeing the movement of the water really brought it home, really helped me understand in a very deep way that New York is the Harbor.

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