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August News Roundup

By Susannah Black
August 31, 2016

*LATE BREAKING* 8/31/16 Alec Appelbaum digs into BOP and our potential policy work with John Cronin in a piece for FastCoExist, here.

8/16/16 Siobhan Wallace does an awesome (really awesome) deep dive into BOP’s impact on one area of Brooklyn in Bringing Back our Oysters, for Greenpointers.

8/15/16 Max Watman discusses oyster resurgence and BOP in A Classic Comeback, for The Daily Beast.

8/8/16 Michele Debczac brought BOP to Mental Floss, here.

8/5/16 Bill Ulfelder, of The Nature Conservancy, discussed BOP and our TNC partnership in Bring Back NYC’s Oysters, an excellent piece for Channel 13’s Metrofocus.

8/3/16 Bruce Thorson released an interview with Murray (also featuring NYHS grad Greg Torres) here,  for Upgraded by Hobsons.

8/1/16: Jordan Teicher covers the photographer Aliza Eliazerov’s discarded food glamor shots (including BOP-bound shells from Maison Premiere in These Still Lifes Feature Food That Was Headed for the Dumpster.  Slate. (The story was later picked up by Jessica Hester for CityLab, here.)