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A Living Waterfront

By Susannah Black
October 13, 2016

Just another day on Governors Island…


Vessel Ops students boarded Harbor’s vessels, preparing to head out to get work done elsewhere in the harbor…




…while Sam Janis introduced undergraduates from NYU to the oysters in the nursery under the EcoDock.




Virginia Maitland Sachs, our purpose-built Oyster Restoration Vessel, has gotten heavy use even in the few months since we brought her to her home port.



…and Sam helped out as Indy cast off lines.


Meanwhile, SCUBA students were heading out to our Community Reef at Bush Terminal Park to monitor growth.

Meanwhile, aquaculture students were in the lab learning about dissolved oxygen levels.

Meanwhile, John Cronin was in the MAST center discussing a new plan to involve Harbor Corps, our student leadership group, in a marine policy partnership with Pace University…

This is what an active, living waterfront looks like; this is how students are prepared for extraordinary careers and lives of stewardship; this is how a City changes; this is how a Harbor is restored.