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Billion Oyster Party- May 19th!

By admin
May 10, 2016


We can’t wait to welcome over 40 oyster farms to the Billion Oyster Party to shuck and serve their specialties. This year, farms from all over the U.S. will be joining us from Washington to Louisiana to New York. This is one for the books: as far as we know, this is the largest number of oyster farmers gathered in one place to shuck their own oysters.

The renaissance in oyster farming that’s taken place over the last several years has focused attention on the distinct flavor that each oyster takes on depending on where it’s grown; each of the oyster farms represented here will be offering a unique local product, and each farmer has a story to tell.  We hope that you’ll come and find out more about these partners, whose businesses are the result of a passion for a trade– a way of life.

Together, over 20,000 oysters will be shucked at the party. And that shell is not heading to a landfill: with your participation, they’ll be collected by our partner Earth Matter.  Don’t forget to look out for the blue collection bins when you’re ready to toss your shell!  They’ll make their way, eventually, to our lab, where they will become substrate on which oyster larvae can make a home, and then into the harbor, where they’ll help rebuild the historic ecosystem that sustained life in our region for millennia.

And because we decided that 20,000 oysters wasn’t quite enough party food, you’ll also get the chance to sample specially-curated signature bites from over 15 top NYC restaurants! The entire menu will be released shortly, but for now… start thinking about Crave Fishbar’s Faroe Island Salmon Crudo with chili ginger Chinese long beans and shallots.


Here’s why this news is more than just mouth-watering: restaurants are a key component in BOP’s model of harbor restoration. Eateries across the city, including nearly all of those represented at the party, donate their discarded oyster shells to BOP every week. Those shells become the substrate for the next generation of oysters, grown in our lab and deposited on reefs in the Harbor.

Your appetizers, in other words, will become part of the BOP story, and the ongoing story of the restoration of New York Harbor. Start learning that story by following us: @BillionOyster on Instagram & Twitter. And get your tickets now– space is limited, and this historic celebration of the restoration of our Harbor is not something to miss.

We hope you join us at the Third Annual Billion Oyster Party on May 19th! Tickets are available here, and we’ll see you in Brooklyn!