Piloting Oyster Reef Structures – Which Will Work Best Where in NY Harbor?

Part of what makes oysters such winning ecosystem engineers is their ability to reef together, creating a 3D environment where hundreds of species can thrive. Much like coral reefs, oyster reefs create habitat and can help to protect shorelines from storm damage. In the muddy bottoms of New York Harbor, oysters need a little help […]

Middle-School Girls Build Oyster Dory

By Instructor and Program Coordinator Rob Buchanan Early this spring, at a pop-up studio in Brooklyn’s Industry City, 20 middle school girls from Sunset Park began construction of a 14-foot wooden dory, a traditional workboat that was once a common sight in New York Harbor. The idea was to build a simple, sturdy, human-powered craft—the […]

Reimagining Aquariums at Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Staten Island Ferry Terminal Aquariums Will Become Educational Exhibit with Billion Oyster Project This summer, the Billion Oyster Project in cooperation with the New York City Department of Transportation, Division of Ferries, will initiate a partnership to re-design the aquariums at Staten Island Ferry Terminal. While the tanks have historically displayed fish and acted as […]

Blue Point Brewing Company

Blue Point will launch a brand new beer, Good Reef Ale, on September 3. For every pint of Good Reef Ale sold, five oysters will be restored to Billion Oyster Project’s Community Oyster Reefs in New York City. Blue Point Brewing Company is New York’s craft brewery. Founded in 1998 on Long Island’s south shore, […]