2017 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters, It is with great humility and appreciation that we write to ask you to support the work of Billion Oyster Project. What was our crazy idea seven years ago has grown into the region’s leading marine restoration and educational initiative. We launched BOP in the spring of 2014 with two full […]

ORS Supplies

Monitoring an Oyster Research Station (ORS) is the cornerstone of the Billion Oyster Project Schools and Community Science program.  You can check out the Basic Training page and the Field Science Manual to learn more, or contact to get in touch with our education staff.  We supply the cage, live oysters, and some equipment, but if […]

Oyster Tanks in the Classroom!

Setting up a classroom oyster tank is a great way to get started with BOP, and it’s an awesome way to keep your class hooked on oysters all year long! Supplies Oyster Tank Supplies Purpose Quant Price Tank (10 gallon) home for oysters 1 $41.00 Tap water conditioner de-chlorination of tank water 1 $8.00 Instant Ocean […]

The BOP Design + Engineering Challenge: Teaching design and engineering concepts to learners of all ages!

The BOP Schools and Community Science team believes we can all be engineers!  The BOP Design + Engineering Challenge is an opportunity to encourage people of all ages (especially K-12 students!) to become co-creators with the Billion Oyster Project in designing oyster restoration structures (or as we put it for young learners, “designing homes for oysters”).  But this doesn’t […]