What’s Under New York Harbor?

One of the best parts of an Oyster Restoration Station (ORS) monitoring expedition is that the mysterious murky world of New York Harbor becomes visible and tangible.  Even without pollution, our naturally sediment-laden waterways wouldn’t be crystal clear, so observers at the water’s edge have to look very closely to see any life at all.  When BOP students investigate the mobile trap and […]

Preparing Students to do Original Research, Part 1: Experimental Classroom Tanks

In this post: how to follow up on student questions in an inquiry-based classroom, how students can set up experimental oyster tanks of their own design, teachers’ thoughts on the best ways for students to research their own questions, how to build a DIY aquarium filter As participants in the Billion Oyster Project Curriculum and Community Enterprise […]

A New Way to Support BOP!

Give back as you get your holiday shopping done! Make all your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile, and select New York Harbor Foundation as your charity of choice.  It’s easy!  Here’s how: Go to Type New York Harbor Foundation into the search bar Select NYHF Check the box marked Yes, and hit Start Shopping […]

Give to Support Harbor Restoration & Education

    Dear Harbor friends, On the last Tuesday in October, I stood on the Brooklyn shoreline at Bush Terminal Park. Manhattan was in the distance. All around me in the water, Harbor School Scientific Divers were surveying a new BOP Community Reef and the bottom of the park’s two inlets. I was overjoyed as […]

BOP Schools Meets BOP Community Reefs!

At BOP Schools and Citizen Science, we mainly deal in Oyster Restoration Stations (ORS): These multi-part wire mesh cages are not much bigger than a milk crate, but they can contain hundreds of tiny oysters and thousands of other organisms both large and small, from stationary tunicate colonies to 6 inch lined seahorses who’ve just […]

“There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes!”

The BOP-CCERS Fellowship at Pace is a two‐year professional development program that trains teachers to engage their students in hands‐on environmental STEM and restoration ecology in New York Harbor. The Fellowship is open to NYC Department of Education middle school teachers working in Title I funded schools.  We’re currently accepting applications to join our third […]

What’s Going On with Oysters in New Jersey?

Oysters are functionally extinct in New York Harbor (although at Billion Oyster Project, we’re slowly changing that!).  But less than 150 miles south of our headquarters on Governors Island, New Jersey has a thriving oyster fishery in Delaware Bay, thanks to a partnership between the NJ DEP, researchers at the Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory (HSRL) at […]