August Events Roundup

Work on the Community Reefs is charging forward this August! To meet some of the summer associates who’ve been wading offshore in Brooklyn to establish these new reefs, to learn more, and to get hands on with BOP, visit the BOP House, open Thursday through Sunday each weekend in August, 11 am-5 pm Just because we’re excited about […]

Upcycling Happy Hour: BOP Restaurants & Shell Collection is Scaling Up!

by Lindsey Pitts, BOP Communications Intern Thanks to United Metro Energy, BOP’s Restaurant and Shell Collection Program has fuel in its tank! UME has become the most recent company to partner with us, donating fuel to run Pearl, our Shell Collection Program van, as well as to keep all our boats’ engines fueled.  This kind […]

July BOP News Roundup

Some breaking news this month– plus interviews with some of our key team members! The Observer broke the Community Reefs story: This piece is a deep dive into all aspects of BOP– and includes the first public announcement of the Community Reefs program! It’s official now: Community Reefs are on the map! Listen to an […]

Billion Oyster Project Launches New Community Reef Program

Brooklyn, New York – July 20, 2016 – Billion Oyster Project is coming to a waterfront near you. The ambitious attempt to restore one billion oysters to New York Harbor is kicking off a new Community Reefs program, all of which will bring BOP closer to the fulfilment of its long-range plan to restore the […]

A Survey of Oyster Research with David Kimbro at the BOP-CCERS June Fellowship Colloquium

At the Billion Oyster Project, we talk a lot about how oysters are a keystone species- a species that plays a unique and crucial role in an ecological community.  The originator of the term, Bob Paine, passed away last month- a remembrance of him in The Atlantic describes him as a “giant of ecology” whose […]

Scientists Display Their Work in Environmental Restoration and Commitment to STEM Education at the Annual BOP Research Symposium

The Second Annual Billion Oyster Project Research Symposium on June 10th was an opportunity for the 168 teachers and their students at 56 BOP schools all over the city to develop and present original research and celebrate their hard work and commitment to environmental stewardship.  This year, we were so fortunate to have an amazing array […]

“I’ve never seen anything like it…”

The Bronx River, for those among you whose northern NYC geography is rusty, is a 23 mile long waterway that snakes down through Westchester and the Bronx, flowing into the East River at Hunts Point, just above Riker’s Island. Not exactly a rural idyll. Still, the Bronx River Alliance reminds us of its history: The river […]

July BOP Events Roundup

School’s out! If you’re looking for a way to integrate BOP into your summer plans, here’s a selection of what we’ve got going on– and be sure to follow @BillionOyster on Twitter for late-breaking event news and more opportunities! Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday throughout July:  Join us at the BOP House in Nolan Park […]

June BOP News Roundup

A couple of excellent pieces this month, and media from our own team as well! BOP Schools and Citizen Science Communications Manager Heather wrote us up for Green Schools Network here. Check out an update on our Living Breakwaters project here, in The Architect’s Newspaper. BOP Beyond the Boroughs! Howard Husock covers BOP’s second venture out […]