BOP Symposium: All Smiles and Salty Folk

Billion Oyster Projects Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (BOP CCE-RS) held the project’s quarterly meeting in New York City on June 17th and 18th. This gathering was followed by the inaugural BOP STEM Symposium, hosted at Governors Island on Friday, June 19th. The BOP STEM Symposium gave project partners an opportunity to, in […]

BOP, BioBus & Math for America: a Powerful Partnership for Education

BOP partners with BioBus and Math for America to bring oyster restoration education to educators city-wide Occasionally, BOP CCE-RS partners with research and education entities to bring oyster restoration knowledge and awareness to teachers that are not otherwise involved in the project.  BOP has partnered with BioBus to spread the reach of the project to […]

A Day in the Life of the Hudson River

On October 20, 2015, students and teachers from New York Harbor, NYC to Troy, New York gathered along the Hudson River Estuary for the thirteenth annual Day in the Life of the Hudson River event.  At this statewide event students of all ages, from elementary school to undergraduates, collect scientific data from dozens of locations along […]

Housekeeping, Harbor Style

“You guys know Man Overboard drills.  So what do you do if you see a man overboard?” Jessie Floyd is giving the safety talk for the day’s excursion on Indy 7, one of Harbor’s hardest-working workboats, a 40′ retired Navy launch.  Jessie’s confident, assured, and those she’s speaking to–students and adults alike– are listening attentively. […]

BOP Restaurant Partner Spotlight: Ocean Prime

  Interview with Chef Ian Rough What made you want to get into the restaurant business? I started young when I was at 15; I used to cook with my dad a lot around the house. My dad, he thoroughly enjoyed cooking, so I spent a lot of time standing on a chair next to […]

City Hall: BOP Restaurant Partner Comes Through Like a Boss

So this happened: Earlier today, Sam Janis contacted Henry Meer, the Chef/Owner of City Hall, one of our newer BOP Restaurant Partners, to ask whether they could cater a lunch we’re having tomorrow.  This was a kind of a last minute request, and not only did he say yes, the man flat-out refused to charge […]