Director’s Debrief #3: Collaboration

Billion Oyster Project has always been an endeavor that depended on collaboration.  We at the Harbor Foundation collaborate with the Harbor School and with other organization; our students collaborate with many outside professionals– but one of the key aspects of this collaboration is that students in each of the different CTEs collaborate with each other […]

Fellow Profile: Sherlyne Gilles

School: Mott Hall IV 1137 Herkimer St Brooklyn NY 11233 “We are Maverick, Level IV is our only option” Where is your Restoration Station Located? Sebago Canoe Club 1400 Paerdegat Ave N, Brooklyn, NY 11236 Grade & Subject you teach: 6-7 In which of your classes are you implementing BOP curriculum and restoration field science? […]

Fellow Profile: Jack Wasylyk

School: M.S. 88 is a three-year, Title I School-wide (6-8) middle school located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn. We are a comprehensive middle school divided into small learning communities of lifelong learners who will experience success by receiving personalized attention that remains beyond the scope of traditional schools. We have created an environment […]

Fellow Profile: Christina Filep

School: PS/MS 188. We are called the Island School, but we are not certain as to why. We are one of three schools that share the building. We are a Community School, which means that we offer a lot of services for our students from 7am- 6pm during the week and on Saturdays as well. […]

Fellow Profile: Andy Ross

School: Hunter’s Point Community Middle School is located in Long Island City, near Hunter’s Point South Park. Our school’s culture is built around the three core values of Scholarship, Creativity and Community. Being so near to the East River, water and the metaphor for students of finding their right flow is an integral part of […]

Pearls of Knowledge

…offered from The River Project’s oyster-themed field trips. Since the start of the 2015-2016 school year, The River Project has been busy hosting educational hands-on field trips for BOP Fellows and their students, in addition to the many other programs and research that goes on in their Wet Lab on Pier 40. On October 22nd, […]

Citizen Scientist: Meet Lindsay!

The Citizen Science and Community Engagement aspect of oyster restoration science, or the more adult-centered counterpart to the BOP STEM Curriculum, Schools, and Teaching Fellowship, is an essential piece of the BOP CCE-RS model and crucial to the mission of the Billion Oyster Project and health of the New York harbor. The Community Engagement feature […]

Field Day Fellows Training

On an early Saturday morning in September, BOP Teacher Training Fellows met on Governor’s Island for a Field Training Day.  The September Field Training Day was the the final in a series of three skills-building training sessions that the BOP Fellows were a part of, aimed at readying the teachers to manage their own oyster […]

The River Project: Adventures in a Living Wet Lab

The River Project, a marine science field station located on Pier 40 in Manhattan, was founded in 1986 to protect and restore the ecosystem of the Hudson River estuary through scientific research, hands-on environmental education, and urban habitat improvement.  The River Project, which specializes as a local marine science and education facility, is one of […]