Restauranteur Profile: Naama Tamir, Owner of Lighthouse, on Oysters, Community & the Multiple Bottom Line

What made you want to get into the restaurant business? We (my brother and I ) enjoy feeding people; we wanted to create a safe and loving environment for our staff and guests. We wanted to feed people food that is healthy and good for them and to support farms and purveyors that are like […]

Director’s Debrief #2: Our Harbor, Our Toilet

by Pete Malinowski After our dive into gonads last month, I’ve decided to raise the level of discourse and focus instead on poop for the second edition of the Director’s Debrief. I learned much of the information below from two fantastic books.  I highly recommend both The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky and The Riverkeepers by John […]

#BOPeople: Meet a Citizen Scientist

The Citizen Science and Community Engagement aspect of oyster restoration science, or the more adult-centered counterpart to the BOP STEM Curriculum, Schools, and Teaching Fellowship, is an essential piece of the BOP CCE-RS model and crucial to the mission of the Billion Oyster Project and health of the New York harbor. The Community Engagement feature […]

BOP Teacher Training Fellows Field Day

On an early Saturday morning last month, BOP Teacher Training Fellows met on Governor’s Island for a Field Training Day.  The September Field Training Day was the the final in a series of three skills-building training sessions that the BOP Fellows were a part of, aimed at readying the teachers to manage their own oyster […]

Legalize Oysters!

Oyster restoration is a region-wide project, not one confined to New York State.  The waters of the estuary don’t recognize state boundaries– but the same can’t be said of the decisions of legislatures.  And so, while in New York State oyster restoration is moving forward, across the river in New Jersey, a very different story’s […]