Tappan Zee Dive: Outtakes

[Selected transcription from SCUBA comms, Tappan Zee Bridge dive.  Note: Joe can hear Devon and Ava, but no one else can.  Devon and Ava can sometimes hear Joe. Zoe can hear Joe but not Devon and Ava. Devon and Ava can hear each other but not Zoe.] Joe: “Divers coming up!” Zoe: “See how close […]

Tappan Zee Dive Report

by Ava Socci and Devon Longo October 16, 2015 Upon descent, there were about two or three feet of visibility due to the sunlight. When we reached the bottom, it was pitch black and there was no visibility. We were unaware that there was going to be no visibility. On our first descent, we lost […]

Heroes of the Harbor: A Student Mariner’s View

by William Wolf The Heroes of the Harbor parade was a spectacular event! Ships from all around the Harbor showed up: the schooners Pioneer and Lettie G. Howard, the FDNY fire boats, etc. Getting to see the parade was one thing, however my view of it was a bit different. I witnessed it first hand […]

Middle School Teachers & Principles: BOP Fellowship Applications Now Available

The Billion Oyster Project is a hands-on environmental STEM program that trains and equips teachers and students to conduct authentic restoration science at the waters edge of New York City; to bring the harbor into the classroom and the classroom to the harbor! We are currently seeking highly motivated teachers to join the second annual cohort of the BOP Fellowship […]

Food Film Festival Volunteering

From our friends at Food Film Festival: Thank you for your interest in joining us at the 9th Annual New York City Food Film Festival where you get to taste what you see on the screen!  Work along side well- known Chefs, Mixologists and more and help serve up tasty dishes directly from and inspired […]

Billion Oyster Partner: SCAPE // Landscape Architecture

  SCAPE is a landscape architecture firm that combines research and practice to reimagine the ecological and cultural potential of the urban landscape.  One area of focus for them has been urban waterfront design, and Kate Orff, SCAPE’s principal partner, has long been a friend of the Billion Oyster Project.  Through her work with Harbor […]

Hero of the Harbor

This year, Waterfront Alliance did Billion Oyster Project the great honor of naming us as a Hero of the Harbor.  The Heroes of the Harbor awards go to members of our waterfront community who have made unique contributions to revitalizing the Harbor and waterfront as an exceptional place to live, work, and play.  On Monday, […]

Harbor’s Index

Restaurants now in the BOP Shell Collection Program: 20 Pounds of shell collected at events in September: 4687 Billion Oyster Plates enjoyed: more than 2000 Number of special events at which Earth Matter collected shells for BOP in September: 10+

Shell Collection Update

September was a busy and exciting time for the Billion Oyster Project Shell Collection Program operated by Earth Matter. On top of regular restaurant shell collection, we sorted and collected shells at 10 events. As a result we can add 4,687 lbs of shells to our middens!  Shell collection highlights of the month include The Oysterhood’s Oystoberfest, […]