Amanda’s Restaurant Hosts BOP

    A message from our hosts: On Friday, September 25th, Amanda’s Restaurant warmly welcomes two environmental pioneers for an evening in support of the Billion Oyster Project. Peter Malinowski, Co-Founder and Director of the Billion Oyster Project ( will enlighten us about the exciting work being done to enhance the NY/NJ Harbor. The group is […]

Billion Oyster Passport

It’s your guide to BOP’s unique angle on New York Oyster Week!  Presented by Pearl App, this passport will help ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the 11 Billion Oyster Plates!  Created by chefs at BOP partner restaurants, each of these dishes offers a unique take on the bivalve that’s had such […]

Harbor’s Index

Total number of oysters restored to date: 16 million Acres of reef restored: 1.05 New York students engaged: 3000+ Middle School students engaged: 875+ High schools engaged: 4 Middle schools engaged: 36 Restaurants participating in our shell recycling program: 20 Tons of shell recycled: 100 Gallons of New York Harbor water cleaned by BOP-restored oysters: […]

Billion Oyster People: Welcome to New Crew

We’re growing!  Get to know our new crew members– you’ll be hearing more from them in the coming months! Katie Mosher-Smith is the Billion Oyster Project’s new Restoration Manager. Katie met Murray Fisher in 2006 at the Gowanus Canal, where he easily convinced her that New Yorkers need more oysters in their waters than in […]

Restauranteur Profile: James McDuffee of Jeffrey’s Grocery on the Oyster Game

James McDuffee, Chef, COO and Managing Partner of Jeffrey’s Grocery and Happy Cooking Company, gives us his BOP story: What made you want to get into the restaurant/oyster bar business? The short story is that I blame my parents for everything. If I wanted a car when I turned 16 I would have to pay […]