Corwith Cramer: Marine Research, Maritime Adventure, and an Ocean of Possibilities

One of BOP’s strengths is its ability to show a connection between the very local environment and issues in the broader maritime and marine science world.  Working on BOP also trains students in the kinds of skills– water quality monitoring and data collection; good research practices that focus on seeking answers to specific environmental challenges– […]

Six CTEs. One goal. One billion oysters.

Fantastic: Students explain the role of each Career and Technical Education Program in BOP, and how their work contributes to the project.  Made by 11th grader Ariel Ron: this is what she does in her spare time.

Mission: Rebar!

  MST Welding and Waterfront Club, tasked with building oyster condos/gabions for BOP’s Tappan Zee project, joined forces with the crew of Indy 7 from Vessel Ops. Dashia Steele reports:  Today with my welding peers & boat building team, I traveled over to Lowes to gather some gears for boat building and also 60 bars for […]

BOP School Reports

…in the Hudson River Almanac! 4/26 – Brooklyn, New York City: While checking our Brooklyn Friends School’s oysters for the Billion Oyster project, we hauled up the cage that houses 300 oysters along with a northern pipefish. Our oysters had grown and the pipefish looked healthy as well. We visited our oyster cage in September, […]

BOP Intern Reports

by Alyssa Giacinto I work as an aquaculture intern in the lab. I also work at the Estuarium (main tank) in the school’s main building. My job in the lab is to change the water on the broodstock cage and make sure they’re fed. I also tend to the larvae by doing water changes and […]

Shop class, but different.

  Snapshot of how BOP integrates trade skills, business skills and restoration: So, say the NYS Thruway Authority decides that the only batch of people who have the collection of specific skills required to help rebuild oyster habitat that will be disturbed by the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge are Harbor School students. […]

BOP Soundbite: New Koi Edition

This, yesterday, c. 4:30 pm: [laughter coming from aquaculture lab.  Murray goes downstairs.] Murray:  “WHAT is this?  Why is there fun happening here?  You’re supposed to be LEARNING!! WHAT is going on in here?  Those fish aren’t even NATIVE to New York Harbor!” Student:  “We’re naming them… That’s Jeremy Junior.” Murray:  “Oooooh.  Can one of […]