“Mascot:” BOP in NYT!

Check out this NY Times piece on the dance performance “Shore,” which last week brought a group of performers and audience members out to Governors Island as part of a multi-day, multi-site experiential dance/feast/volunteer event. A few days later, another volunteer group ventured to Governors Island for hands-on work with the Billion Oyster Project, an initiative […]

What Hungry Oysters Need

Hidden OysterCam captures Aquaculture teacher Jeremy Esposito working on some oyster feed. Here’s what’s going on: Oysters eat algae, starting from when they’re free-swimming larvae.  There isn’t any naturally occurring algae in a tank in a lab, so it needs to be introduced as the larvae are setting on their shells. And so part of […]

Get Your Hands Dirty!

The answer is: Yes! The question is: Is there a way I can get some hands-on experience and training for oyster restoration? June 6-7: students, teachers, parents, interested members of the public, citizen scientists, activists and others will be coming out to Governors Island to get their hands dirty doing some actual restoration work, as […]

Sign up for a BOP Oyster Research Station Basic Training

We invite you to join the BOP Oyster Garden program by attending a training and adopting your own dockside oyster garden. The BOP oyster gardening program is for teachers, environmental educators, and citizen scientists from across New York City and the region.

Restoration Station!

Check it out!  We’ve updated our Oyster Restoration Stations with an innovative new design so they’re even better than before! Our latest restoration stations are simpler and more compact than last year’s model, which should make them easier to transport and to haul out of the water, and designed so that they can stand up on […]

It’s My Estuary

Pitch in & represent BOP at our latest oyster garden site– on Coney Island! What: A day of service, learning and celebration When: Saturday, May 30th, 10:00am-4:00pm Where: Coney Island Creek, Kaiser Park  For more information: It’s My Estuary

Why is our Tappan Zee Project so cool?

I’ll tell you.  If you’re interested.  This may take a little while, about 5 minutes… Here goes. We started restoring oysters up there in 2010 as partners in NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Oyster Restoration and Research Project.  Together with our partners, we built a small reef (50 square meters) and seeded it with 50,000 oysters grown in […]

Billion Oyster Pavilion: It’s a Go!

As of some time last night, B-an-G Studios‘ BOP-inspired (and BOP-benefiting because we’re going to reuse their materials.) FIGMENT project for the City of Dreams Pavilion competition met its Kickstarter goal— which means it’s gonna happen! From the City of Dreams site: If we imagine a future New York City where anything is possible, what […]

BOP basics from a 12-year-old volunteer

My name is Bella Pitman, and this past year I have had the pleasure of working with Murray Fisher, one of the founders of the Billion Oyster Project. The Billion Oyster Project’s volunteers work alongside Harbor School students and teachers to build and install oyster reefs, prepare recycled shell for seeding, sort and count baby […]

Genetics of Wild vs. Farmed Oysters

by Zain Bin Khalid Marine Biology Research Program Project Partner: Cezanne Bies Advised by: Mauricio González Mentored by: Prof. Matt Hare, Cornell University On Sunday 3/22/15 at around 7 a.m. Mauricio González, Director of the Marine Biology Research Program, collected approximately 25 wild Eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) at the mouth of the Bronx River at low tide. […]