BOP Soundbite: We’ve all been there, man.

Pete, to downcast sophomore: “If it’s any consolation, my dad‘s had entire years where he couldn’t figure out what was going on with his algae system.  Don’t take it personally.  One way to increase your chances?  Do replicants.  So when you’re starting your culture, do four of ’em.”  

DIY Larvae: Angelika on BOP’s steps towards full-lifecycle restoration

Hey, I’m Angelika Koscinski, and this is my last year at the New York Harbor School. I’ve enjoyed my time and I can’t wait to see how my everyday life will be impacted  by the great success that the Billion Oyster Project has achieved so far. Here in Aquaculture we have been learning about, contributing […]

Take about eleven seconds out of your life and help BOP win $25,000!

BOP has been selected to compete for an audience award as part of a Solution Search initiative. This means we are competing for online votes with the likes of: the City of Ottawa, Restore Americas Estuaries, American Littoral Society and many more.   The idea is to identify and support initiatives that help make more resilient cities […]

Clean Waterways: Setting our Sights Higher (With Bonus Mad Men Reference)

A conversation that Harbor types regularly find themselves having: Civilian: “So… you’re saying that every time it rains more than a quarter inch, NYC’s sewers overflow into the harbor?” Harbor person: “Um.  Yeah.” Forty years of the Clean Water Act have given us a Harbor that’s significantly cleaner than the Harbor of the bad old […]

Crickets: Yum. Embrace it.

Lou Lahana is a BOP Fellow and the technology teacher at The Island School, a public middle school on Manhattan.   He’s developed a unique, playful, and high-impact social/environmental justice oriented curriculum. And his students eat insects.  Because they’re just that cool.  And they know why eating insects can be a powerful solution to the problems […]

Billion Oyster Profile: Stephen Velez

As a New York Harbor School senior, I’ve experienced many events over the years. From freshman year to senior year many opportunities have come around. Sophomore year was the first official introduction to the Billion Oyster Project (BOP). I was given the opportunity to intern after school to help maintain the lab and oyster production […]

SHORE: Dance, Feast, Tell, Heal

This April, join dancers, storytellers, cooks (and eaters) and others in a multi-day performance installation at various locations around Lenapehoking Harbor. Where?  That’s New York Harbor: Lenapehoking is the Native name for the area that’s now New York City, and Emily Johnson of Catalyst Dance is bringing her experiential art/food/social action installation SHORE here. As […]

Billion Oyster Pavilion

…it’s coming to Governors Island this summer– but before we all get to hang out in this thing (and plunder it for BOP infrastructure) we’ll need some serious community participation in the Kickstarter campaign that will make it happen. Here’s what’s going on: Babak Bryan and Henry Grossman, the team behind innvoative design firm BanG Studios, […]