BOP Partners with NY Oyster Week for Historic Scale Shell Recycling Effort

This year BOP and NYOW have officially partnered to run what will be the largest shell recycling operation to take place in New York City in more than one hundred years. The scale of this effort is truly historic. We plan to collect more than 100,000 oyster shells (tops and bottoms) on Saturday Sept 21 at the Stone Street Oyster Festival.

Harbor School Opens MAST Center Oyster Hatchery

Stay tuned; our hatchery is just in its infancy, en route to becoming the base of operations for the Billion Oyster Project. We have been working with folks in the industry to outfit our new hatchery for rearing oysters on filtered NY Harbor water – the first of its kind in NYC.

Wallabout Basin Oysters Get Ready for the Reef!

The Wallabout Basin Nursery is Harbor School’s large-scale oyster nursery. Here we can grow more than 1.5 million oysters in 600 stackable trays floating from a series of buoys and anchored to the seafloor. Alongside the thriving oysters in trays we see 8-inch blue crabs, tube worms, mussels, various sponges, at least four different species of algae, bryazoa, barnacles and sea anemones of various shapes and sizes!