BOP Holds First Annual Educators Training

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MS 88 The Peter Rouget School

MS 88 the Peter Rouget School is an original BOP middle school with four founding teachers representing more than 375 students. MS 88 is passionate about project based learning and environmental stewardship. Their oyster garden is currently installed at IKEA Waterfront Park and starting this September students will monitor the site at least twice a month.

Hunters Point Community Middle School

Hunter’s Point Community Middle School supports the well-being of every student and believea that all young people have unique talents and points of view that are developed fully within a rigorous and caring learning environment. HPCMS is a founding member of BOP schools and is helping to co-author BOP curriculum. Located on the waterfront in Long Island City HPCMS has a natural affinity to maritime studies and plans to infuse estuary and restoration curricula throughout across subjects and grade levels.

Harbor School is a public, maritime Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school located on Governors Island. More than 430 students from across all five boroughs take a ferry to school every day where they learn marine science and technology as well as the full range of NY State core curricula and classes. The water, shorelines, and surrounding environs of our estuary serve as Harbor School’s living classroom. Here students and faculty play an active role in marine restoration projects around the region including the BOP. Harbor School works closely with scientific and industry partners to help design, install and monitor these projects for long-term success.

UA Institute of Math and Science

The Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women is designed to encourage and foster the achievement of young women in math, science, and technology. UA Institute is a founding member of the BOP middle schools. Led by science teacher, Adrienne Ballard, UAIMS scholars have one oyster garden installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park and have been monitoring monthly in partnership with the Park’s science educators.