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Introducing Cohort Three of the BOP-CCERS Teacher Fellowship

By Heather Flanagan
February 6, 2017

This group of educators are ready to bring restoration education to NYC public school students all over the city!

2017-01-31 21.59.21

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017 the Billion Oyster Project Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (BOP-CCERS) welcomed its third cohort of the BOP-CCERS Teacher Fellowship program at Pace University.  These NYC public school teachers and afterschool educators will be joining their two previous cohorts in engaging NYC public school students in restoration education.  The teacher fellows were greeted with an introduction by John Cronin, the Pace professor and original Riverkeeper, who told the group, “I’ve been involved in restoration for four decades- this [BOP] is the thing I’m most excited about.”

2017-01-31 23.17.25-1

John Cronin, the original Riverkeeper, speaks to Cohort Three of the BOP-CCERS Teacher Fellowship.

New fellows were also introduced to BOP-CCERS staff and their Cohort Two mentors:

2017-01-31 22.18.55

Teachers Ambar Galvan and Lou Lahana from Cohort One also shared video presentations they’d made about their experiences as a BOP Teacher Fellow:

2017-01-31 22.45.12

Ambar Galvan of M.S. 324.

2017-01-31 22.07.45

Lou Lahana of M.S. 188.

And of course live oysters were in attendance as well!

2017-01-31 22.17.05


BOP-CCERS aims to improve STEM education in public schools by linking teaching and learning to ecosystem restoration and engaging students in hands-on environmental field science during their regular school day. The project also strongly emphasizes the use of computer science and digital tools for environmental monitoring, citizen science, stewardship, and advocacy. BOP-CCERS is a research-based partnership initiative between New York Harbor Foundation, Pace University, New York City Department of Education, Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, New York Academy of Sciences, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, New York Aquarium, The River Project, and Good Shepherd Services. We are a diverse community of students and teachers, professional scientists and citizen scientist volunteers, schools, universities, businesses, and community organizations, all working together to conduct oyster restoration-based scientific research in New York Harbor.

The CCERS Fellowship at Pace is a two‐year professional development program that trains teachers to engage their students in hands‐on environmental STEM and restoration ecology in New York Harbor.  Classes and trainings are taught by guest experts, scientists from Columbia’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, curriculum specialists from New York Harbor Foundation, and partner organizations such as The River Project and BioBus/BioBase.

Welcome to the BOP Community, Cohort Three Teacher Fellows!

And if you’d like to read more about BOP Schools, keep checking back on the Billion Oyster Project blog for more posts and follow the BOP-CCERS Tumblr!